Balancing the needs of nature and community in St. Louis.

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St. Louis is where SWT Design began in 1995, and we’re proud to call this city home.

Much more than a gateway or fly-over country, St. Louis is a rich cultural hub. From world-class (and mostly free!) museums and parks to epic cuisine, eclectic architecture and first-rate breweries, there’s plenty to brag about. But as you’ll find in any city, St. Louis has unique environmental challenges. We’re here to play our part in making things a little better.

Many Midwestern developers will buy a plot of land, bulldoze it, and then (seemingly) decide what to build on it. This has led to parts of St. Louis looking rather sparse – not to mention the negative impacts on our ecosystem.

At SWT, we’re constantly seeking ways to conserve and even restore nature rather than pushing it back to the fringes. We believe responsible landscape architecture must work with the grain of nature and the needs of our city. From St. Louis to Milwaukee, Shreveport and beyond, we tailor each project to the needs of ecosystems and communities. It’s a constant balance – never a binary choice. And one size never fits all.

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