SWT Design is doing our part to not only improve our environment but to help motivate our economy through the expansion of our studio.  We opened our new studio addition in summer of 2009 with a state of the art site development.  Our need to expand is the direct result of our client’s desires to improve the way they do business through quality environmental design.  In an effort to better serve our clients our expansion will be testing and displaying various types of green roofs, rain garden, pervious paving, native plant materials and other building techniques.  Our clients and staff will be able to have first hand experience and see the growth of these landscapes as our practice continues to evolve.

The design of our new studio provides for an adaptive reuse of a 1950’s block building in an effort to minimize waste diverted to landfills.  A pedestrian bridge connects the 1895 original building with the new addition, allowing stormwater to pass from the front of the property through a rain garden and into one of many percolation pits.  Our new studio provides natural day lighting with generous windows that can be open to allow for natural ventilation.  The lower level of the studio is a multipurpose media space providing a venue for green industry suppliers to present the latest in technology.  SWT Design intends to reach out to the design community, as a leader in environmental planning and site design, using our new facilities as an example of green innovations. Our office will host green industry association meetings, educational seminars and training for future innovations as a way for SWT Design to keep in touch with the ever-changing needs of our environment.