Our team is driven by passion. For design with depth. For the needs and hopes of people. For the preservation of our planet.

We’re an integrated group of landscape architects, planners, engineers, surveyors and other talented individuals. All of us came to SWT for the promise of meaningful projects with purpose-driven clients. A fun-loving and welcoming culture keeps us grounded. How we treat clients is how we treat each other – with respect, honesty and curiosity.

Felipe DeNarvaez

Associate, Project Manager

Kaitlyn Poehlein


Zach Snovelle


Lee Hyde

Senior Associate/Survey Division Lead

Bonnie Roy


Ashley Jenkins

Marketing Coordinator

Jim Degenhardt

Professional Land Surveyor

Bill Pedley


Gary Collins


Lance Klein

Senior Associate, Kansas City, MO Studio Manager

Mindy Tobias

Office Manager

Chantal Block

Civil Engineer

Kelly Hyde

Survey Support Staff

Scott Runde

Associate, Project Manager

Caleb Robben

Survey Project Manager

Will Metcalf


Briana Coleman


Klaus Rausch

Senior Associate, Project Manager

Ted Spaid

Partner, Founder

Jay Wohlschlaeger


Paul Toenjes

Senior Associate, Louisville Studio Manager

Wes Haid


What We Do

Strong solutions start with shared beliefs.

Clients come to SWT for an engaging, delightful process and a talked-about finished design. What’s under the hood? A set of values that we practice every day. CHoPS for short.


Good ideas can come from anywhere. We listen closely and remain open before forming our opinions. We seek common understanding and encourage wide-ranging input through constant inquiry.


Creativity is a current that never stops flowing. We choose to tap into it every day. For every project, we add a new detail or a different method. We find great joy in the act of creation, and we seek to pass that joy to the end-user.


Clear is kind, and transparent communication holds us together. We tell the truth as a sign of respect. We navigate every conversation with professional candor and compassion.


The long view looks bright. We practice dedication and commitment. We are loyal and respectful of our profession. We invest in personal growth. We are steadfast in our beliefs and principles; if we believe in something, you can count on us to speak up.

If you have a passion for creating outdoor environments, and if SWT sounds like your kind of people, take a look at our current job openings.

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