Outdoor spaces are vital to our physical and emotional wellbeing. Since 1995, this belief has shaped our practice at SWT Design.

Living design is vital.

We spend most of our lives looking through the glass windows of our homes, offices and cars. A wild and elemental part of our humanity has been domesticated. The “great outdoors” – for many, that’s little more than the spaces we travel while moving between buildings.

At SWT, we reconnect people with themselves and others by drawing them back outside. We design experiences that answer crucial human and natural needs.

Clients come to us for holistic value and substance. Our collaborative process offers the vision of a planner and the creativity of an architect. The knowledge of a horticulturist. The instinct of an artist. The perception of a surveyor and the precision of an engineer. All in one place.

All for the places that remind us what it means to be alive.

"“We've become leaders of our profession, advancing the practice of landscape architecture, urban design, and planning. Our integrated design team offers collaboration across disciplines with the best and brightest experts from all backgrounds, finding meaningful solutions to the most challenging issues facing our clients, our communities, and our planet.” "

Ted Spaid, Jay Wohlschlaeger, and Bonnie Roy

SWT Design Partners

Where We're Located

Three studios. One team.

St. Louis is where we began and where many of us have remained. As the needs and locations of our clients expanded, we’ve grown with them and have spread our roots to Kansas City and Louisville. As a client, you can expect the same creative standard and service from each teammate no matter where they hail from. Every one of us is an ambassador for our brand – and for yours.

Learn more about each studio from the links below, or check out our team page for more about SWT’s beliefs and culture.