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As the average population is aging, demand for healthcare services continues to rise throughout the world. And with healthcare professionals already in short supply, this dramatic increase imposes added pressure on healthcare providers while creating a more highly competitive market. As a result, healthcare systems are rebranding and restructuring to offer greater efficiency, facilitate growth and increase public outreach.

SWT Design has been successfully designing within the healthcare industry for years, helping healthcare systems strengthen their identity, campus design, and overall patient experience. Design professionals play a vital role in facilitating smart change and evolution for healthcare systems as they battle these industry shifts and prepare for a future model of healthcare. As designers, it is critical to consider all patrons of healthcare from recipient to caregiver. The design of hospitals, clinics, and all healthcare facilities needs to simultaneously meet the needs of the patients, families, physicians and coworkers demanding complex design solutions.

Site planning and campus design of these various facilities can assist in solving issues of brand, experience, efficiency and outreach. SWT Design assists health systems in creating spaces in which all patients can have a comfortable healing experience. Though our design and site planning influence will not directly solve the overall crisis facing the industry, the outcomes of our designs make significant impacts in the everyday lives of patients, families, physicians and coworkers, while continuing to educate on the therapeutic value of the outdoor environment.

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