SWT Design is a collaboration of landscape architects, urban designers, planners, and civil engineers. We create environments that improve the lives of people and benefit businesses, communities, and our world.

More than a metaphor, Living Design describes our philosophy, approach, and values as a firm.

We’re big-picture thinkers, collaborators, and innovators. We’re focused on solving design problems for the long-term, creating solutions that are responsive to an ever-changing environment and global economy. To that end, we look to enrich lives with our passion for planning and design. We bring value to our clients by listening and being empathetic to the unique set of challenges facing each project. This passion is evident in our diverse team that, in addition to design, gives back to our communities through volunteering, mentoring, and philanthropy. We enrich lives through our process, which is an experience in and of itself. As project managers, we lead large multi-disciplinary teams through all the intricacies of the design process, using best practices and technology to monitor schedule, budget and staffing needs. Let our networks and partnerships work for you because, after all, good design transcends boundaries. We see great value in a process that fosters rich collaboration with the consultant team and client, where discourse is a two-way street and listening takes precedence. We enrich lives through environmental stewardship, where the physical performance of a project is something measurable. Evidence-based design yields smarter, more informed solutions that positively impact our communities, economic development, and our environment. In every project, we consider the sustainability of a site and the impact it will have on biodiversity. From a desire to preserve a living history, to a profound respect for life in all its forms, our work moves in a singular direction. And lastly, we enrich lives by creating places for people – places that provide a richer experience that engage the senses, evoke emotion, elicit strong memories, and respond to change over time. We strive for authenticity, rooting the design within the fabric of the community. Regardless of scale or complexity, the fruition of our work contributes to human health and well-being by providing inclusive access to active and passive living.

"We've become leaders of our profession, advancing the practice of landscape architecture, urban design, and planning. We collaborate across disciplines with the best and brightest experts from all backgrounds, finding meaningful solutions to the most challenging issues facing our clients, our communities, and our planet."

Ted Spaid

Partner, Founder