Broadway Streetscape Improvements

  • Client

    City of Cape Girardeau

  • Project Title

    Broadway Streetscape Improvements

  • Location

    Cape Girardeau, MO

  • Size

    9 city blocks

"In the true spirit of placemaking, the Broadway Streetscape improvements have made it a destination worth visiting and not just a thruway to and from the Mississippi River."

Marla Mills

Executive Director, Old Town Cape

An Economic Platform for Continual Investment in the Community

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    Project Type

    • Urban Design
    • Placemaking and Branding

    Urban revitalization projects have a unique way of bringing communities together, bonded by a common cause to become better than what was. A singular, palpable design gesture can inspire change and reinvigorate a city’s innate character. Improvements are tangible. In many cases they are immediately recognizable. The intangibles offer the greatest return, however, providing an economic platform for continual investment in the community.
    With construction completed in only six months, improvements to Broadway’s streetscape afforded such an opportunity for the residents and businesses of Cape Girardeau, Mo. In the heart of the city’s historic downtown district, beautification of this 9-block stretch of corridor did more than improve aesthetics. It spurred the development of six new small businesses during the construction period, as well as additional businesses in the adjacent areas. More than 10 building improvements along the corridor were completed during that time, and countless more since its completion. These improvements became an accelerator for the corridor, and established a new sense of pride for the community.

    "Good design is more than aesthetic quality - it goes well beyond that. Good design provides a meaningful return - tangible or intangible - that outlives any drawing."

    Jim Wolterman

    Partner, Founder