Crystal Lake Park Hunter Park Improvements

  • Client

    City of Crystal Lake Park, MO

  • Project Title

    Hunter Park Improvements

  • Location

    Crystal Lake Park, MO

  • Size

    1 acre

Crystal Lake Park, MO

Project Scale

  • Object

  • Site

  • Community

  • System

  • Region


    Project Type

    • Parks and Open Space

    Project Description

    Hunter Park is in the heart of Crystal Lake Park and is a very active park with open lawn and a playground. SWT Design completed the master plan in 2013. Public workshops were held to determine park elements that are important to the community.

    The Master Plan includes a loop walking trail, shelter, water play, playground with soft surfacing, a rain garden for storm water mitigation, and a lawn berm. It was important to the community to retain as much open space for impromptu play. Organized play elements and structures are grouped together to maximize the open space.

    Phase 1 of the park improvements will include a new playground and soft surfacing, a central walk connection from Putter Lane, and central paved surface to accommodate picnic tables.