CAR O+M Cost Analysis

  • Client

    National Park Service

  • Project Title

    CAR O+M Cost Analysis

  • Location

    St. Louis, MO

  • Size

    104 acres

Emergent Networks Work to Preserve a Cultural Landscape

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    Project Type

    • Parks and Open Space
    • Greenways And Trails
    • Civic Amenities

    The CityArchRiver (CAR) Operations + Maintenance (O+M) Cost Analysis is the launching point for the consistent and flexible care needed to preserve the integrity of Dan Kiley’s original design intentions for the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial grounds, and to ensure the long-term viability of the CAR 2015 project renovations. More importantly, the Cost Analysis is the first step in the long journey to keep the CAR project relevant to city residents and visitors who activate downtown St. Louis, attracting more than $350 million and 4,400 permanent jobs experts estimate may come to the region.

    In comparison with their built counterparts, cultural landscapes require a new model of renovation. As the first large-scale update of its kind in this region, the CAR project has entered into new territory, like the famous explorers whose expedition the Arch commemorates. In true Lewis and Clark fashion, the project has charted the course for others to follow – this time in the form of adaptable cost estimation and budgeting tools, private-public partnership collaboration processes, and frameworks for evaluating appropriate levels of operations and maintenance. These tools can serve the increasing number of our nation’s cultural landscapes that will require rehabilitation in the coming years. The O+M Cost Analysis, intentionally produced in a form that can be revisited, revised, and re-released, is a foundational component of a larger Vision Plan, which also contains strategic and enterprise business modules. The alliance of government agencies and community stakeholders responsible for the management of the CAR project will annually revisit the Cost Analysis to capitalize on existing resources and leverage those to fill gaps in operations and maintenance requirements.

    "This analysis has provided the alliance with insight into improvements that encourage successful partnerships for long-term management of the CityArchRiver project."

    Ted H. Spaid

    Founder, Partner