Indian Camp Creek Park

  • Client

    St. Charles County Parks

  • Project Title

    Indian Camp Creek Park

  • Location

    St. Charles County, MO

  • Size

    582 acres

"This park is fabulous! I love the creative design of the ‘eco-playground,’ and the lake is wonderful. SWT really listened well regarding the needs and desires of the community.”"

Bettie Yahn-Kramer

Director St. Charles County Parks

Fit Seamlessly in an Environment that is of the Place.

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    Project Type

    • Parks and Open Space
    • Greenways And Trails

    In some cases, a well-designed space can appear as if it were never touched by human hands. Each moment is intentional, but given time to establish, fits seamlessly in an environment that is of the place. At Indian Camp Creek Park, active and passive recreational opportunities sit within more than 580 acres of reestablished prairie and wetland habitats.
    Preservation of open space allows for an environment that is healthy and rich in biodiversity; monarch butterflies have returned to healthy population levels, and an indigo bunting darts just over the horizon line. Respect is given to the historical heritage of what once was, and brings new purpose to a nearly 100-year old homestead. A family celebrates a fifth birthday and a child discovers her new love for the outdoors.
    Indian Camp Creek Park continues to enhance the quality of life of a community, county and region within the Cuiver River watershed.

    "History is the best story-teller. Embracing it was our inspiration, and it, along with the site’s natural assets, drove the vision for the entire park."

    Jay Wohlschlaeger