Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial

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    Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial

  • Project Title

    Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial

  • Location

    Perryville, Missouri

  • Size

    50 acres

"“As a Navy veteran, I am thrilled to support Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial. My fellow servicemen sacrificed a great deal - some giving the ultimate sacrifice - and I think a project like this Memorial is the perfect way to honor their legacy.”"

Roger Staubach

NFL Hall of Famer, Vietnam War Veteran

Missouri’s Tribute to America’s Service Men and Women and uniting the veterans and civilians by educating about the triumphs and challenges of those who served, including their families.

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    • Parks and Open Space
    • Greenways And Trails
    • Civic Amenities
    • Education
    • Placemaking and Branding

    Missouri’s National Veterans Memorials mission is to provide an environment of peace and reflection as a tribute to America’s service men and women and their families. It is a place where liberty is celebrated, veterans and families are recognized, and all find a sense of peace.
    One of the many focal points of the site is the full-scale black granite replica of the Vietnam Wall in Washington D.C., as well as scenic views, a museum highlighting the stories of America’s service members, a Veteran’s Hall for events and special occasions, a chapel for all faiths, cemetery, and more.
    The memorial is unique in that it gives supporters an opportunity to leave a personal, permanent tribute for their loved one through a variety of elements, which make this a truly personal experience. It will serve as a way to bridge the growing divide between veterans and non-service members about the ongoing triumphs and challenges of those who have served in uniform.

    "“What an honor it has been to help MNVM develop a full master plan vision for this unique and important Memorial for our veterans. Since finalizing the master plan, the organization has been able to implement donor funded seed projects and it’s been a pleasure watching the property come to life. This memorial is for our veterans, by our veterans.”"

    Felipe DeNarvaez

    Associate, Project Manager