Quarry Town

  • Client

    Green Circle Projects

  • Project Title

    Quarry Town

  • Location

    Springfield, Missouri

  • Size

    5 acres

History Sparks Inspiration for Mixed-Use Development

Project Scale

  • Object

  • Site

  • Community

  • System

  • Region


    Project Type

    • Mixed Use
    • Commercial / Retail
    • Urban Design
    • Planning
    • Hospitality
    • Placemaking and Branding

    The mission of Quarry Town is to take blighted land and mold it into a thriving community. By combining the diverse user group of retail, office, single-family, and multi-family housing on one site, the development aims to augment the richness of the Lone Pine Corridor. Known for its recognizable raw aesthetic, the feel of the corridor and the Quarry Town Development is industrial and weathered, yet familiar, relaxed, and comfortable. The sense of community, and people who occupy it, are what make this development unique.
    Springfield is a bronze level bicycle-friendly community, and Quarry Town is along a major biking path. The Greenway Trail is a regional draw and will remain an important feature. The current plan is being developed with a new trail in mind, one that will connect properties from the north and south. The pathway will wind through single-family development, connecting north to the ridgeline along the edge of multi-family.
    Sustainability is a large component of this development, with LEED Silver designation being sought for the mixed-use portion of the project.