Echo Bluff State Park

  • Client

    State of Missouri Office of Administration, State of Missouri DNR, Division of State Parks

  • Project Title

    Echo Bluff State Park

  • Location

    Shannon County, MO

  • Size

    440+ acres

"The construction of [Echo Bluff State Park] has given us somewhat of a boom in business. They're essentially building a small city... it's incredible what they're planning to accomplish."

Jim Anderson

Eminence Mayor

Dramatic limestone bluffs and crystal-clear waters are the backdrop for a new state park in a remote area of the Missouri Ozarks.

Project Scale

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    Project Type

    • Parks and Open Space
    • Greenways And Trails
    • Civic Amenities
    • Placemaking and Branding

    Working in conjunction with the State of Missouri Office of Administration, Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction (OA/FMDC), and the State of Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Division of State Parks (MSP), the development of this new state park will be the result of a 4-month planning process. This includes weekly design team meetings and regular Technical Advisory Group meetings, and two final VIP Presentations to Governor Jay Nixon.

    The park has been envisioned as a major regional, state and national destination. To guide the design process, the team established a series of project goals, which were used to evaluate the design and express specific images of what the park can be. The following project goals were established to guide the planning effort:

    1. Create a one of a kind, 365 day a year, Missouri Ozark experience
    2. Showcase and respect the unique natural beauty of the site
    3. Focus on sustainable development with a low impact design approach
    4. Embrace the past and design for the future
    5. Promote local, regional, and national connectivity

    The plan for the park was developed into a series of implementable construction packages for construction, slated to be completed in May of 2016. Roadways, site amenities, landscape and ecological restoration, and contemporary rustic buildings were fully designed to be constructed within that timeline.

    Read the full Echo Bluff State Park Master Plan on Issuu

    "On the whole, the condition of the site and its natural features are a rare gem. The site has remained in such good condition due, in part, to its remote location and history. This park will showcase the natural features of the Ozarks, and have a built environment that blends seamlessly into the landscape."

    Paul Toenjes