Mercy St. John’s Plaza

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    Mercy St. John's Plaza

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    Chesterfield, MO

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    .5 acres

"Will you tell the Sisters to get a good cup of tea…when I am gone and to comfort one another."

Letter of Mary Vincent Whitty to Cecilia Marmion in Sullivan

Catherine McAuley and the Tradition of Mercy

Leverage the investment made to the hospital campus to further promote it’s mission and value system.

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    • Healthcare
    • Placemaking and Branding

    St. John’s Plaza memorializes and celebrates the history and mission of the hospital’s patron saint, as well as Catherine McAuley who founded the Sisters of Mercy in 1831. In order to bring to life the hospital’s community and culture, a space was created that would celebrate a patient’s journey through the healing process and those contributions of hospital staff.
    Overall, the plaza’s design allows for program flexibility; movie nights, presentations and galas are all potential uses for the western side of the space. More passive opportunities such as resting, reading, gathering and relaxing are more suitable at the eastern reflecting water table. St. John’s Plaza will always serve as a built reminder to the values of Mercy Hospital and its commitment to human health and well-being.

    "As our built work matures and becomes more established, we’ll continue to monitor its performance to track results and learn. "

    Bonnie Roy