Veterans Tribute Park

  • Client

    St. Charles County

  • Project Title

    Veterans Tribute Park

  • Location

    St. Charles, Missouri

  • Size

    86 acres

"“Veterans Tribute Park is unique in many ways. It is the only county park of its kind surrounded by residential development in a suburban setting and there are numerous amenities to enjoy — there is something for everyone. This park will be a destination for families in St. Charles County and throughout the region""

Steve Ehlmann

St. Charles County Executive

Veterans Tribute Park

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    Project Type

    • Parks and Open Space
    • Greenways And Trails

    SWT Design worked with St. Charles County to develop a new 86-acre destination park featuring both active and passive recreation opportunities. Located in a more urban condition than other parks in the county system this park will provide a unique experience of active and passive recreation opportunities in a system that traditionally focuses on preservation and passive experiences. The design of the park draws from the site’s rich history as a working family farm, and its importance as one of the largest remaining undeveloped properties within the inner ring of the county.
    As part of the master planning process, SWT worked with the County to develop a program based on community input. The park provides passive trails, two fishing lakes, three reservable shelters, and preserved woodlands and stream ways. Active recreation amenities include an inclusive destination playground, dog park, and open playfields.
    The design of the park is accomplished with a focus on preservation and the use of natural, native material to provide longevity of construction in the development of the park. This focus also prioritizes stormwater management through the waterway and lake design. The design maintains existing stream channels while lessening the downstream impact of offsite drainage into the park within the lakes.

    "No matter where you go in Veteran’s Tribute Park, there is something exciting for people of all ages and abilities to experience. Whether it is a casual stroll through the Heritage Garden, navigating the woodland trails on a bike, casting a line into one of the lakes, or watching your kids enjoy the one-of-a-kind playground, there is always a new experience waiting to be had."

    Klaus Rausch

    Senior Associate, Project Manager