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  • Client

    Saint Louis Zoo

  • Project Title

    Saint Louis Zoo Framework Plan

  • Location

    St. Louis, MO

  • Size

    13 acres

"The Saint Louis Zoo cares about animals and their future. We also care about the people who connect with them. Connecting visitors with the animals they see right in front of them is the best service zoos can provide. In the end, that’s what this expansion is all about."

Jeffrey P. Bonner

CEO of the Saint Louis Zoo

The framework plan provides an additional 19 acres dedicated to animal care, research, education, and the overall visitor experience.

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  • Civic Amenities
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  • Placemaking and Branding

With an annual attendance of 3.5 million, the Saint Louis Zoo attracts more visitors per year than the city’s professional baseball organization, the Saint Louis Cardinals. In October 2012 the Saint Louis Zoo Association purchased the 13.5 acre Forest Park Hospital site located south of the existing Zoo property in the City of St. Louis. Both the Saint Louis Zoo and its recently purchased property are bifurcated by Interstate 64, making future access to the expansion site challenging. For many years the Zoo has been land-locked, making the acquisition of this land crucial to the Zoo’s future expansion.

The expansion of the Saint Louis Zoo offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not only to the Zoo, but also to the surrounding communities, the City of St. Louis and the metropolitan region. The expansion framework plan illustrates the Zoo’s 30-year vision and will be a resource for decision making both in the long and short term. This opportunity to expand and rethink the organizational and physical environment of the Saint Louis Zoo has included hundreds of participants, has heard voices of stakeholders, neighbors, consultants and leaders, and will continue to evolve as opportunities arise. The framework plan components will be shaped as funding, market drivers, and operations align.


Read the full Saint Louis Zoo Framework Plan on Issuu

"Rather than specify particular dimensions or materials, the framework plan illustrates layers of potential program relationships and spatial orientations as they relate to the plan components in the context of the Zoo’s existing campus and expansion site."

Bonnie Roy


American Society of Landscape Architects

  • St. Louis Chapter, 2013
  • Award of Merit

American Planning Association

  • Missouri Chapter, 2013
  • Outstanding Plan Award