A perspective for all generations.

What just happened? I continue to ask myself that as SWT Design enters our 25th year in business. As I ponder how to celebrate, I can’t help but think about relationships and all of the people who have inspired me, encouraged me, took a chance on hiring us, my first employee, collaborators and most of all the team of great people who make up SWT Design. I am very proud of all the work we have accomplished, while coming into an age where people understand the need for beautiful and healthy outdoor spaces. We’ve turned the possibilities of urban and natural spaces into living realities, adding meaning and purpose to micro details and macro views.

The evolution of the profession of Landscape Architecture and Planning is what continues to keep me excited and passionate. We have evolved into an integrated landscape architecture firm. The team we have today brings many perspectives with one vista. Our collaborative process offers the vision of a planner and the creativity of an architect. The knowledge of a horticulturist. The instinct of an artist. The perception of a surveyor and the precision of an engineer. All in one place.

I have always been curious of the natural and urban environments. I love being in a profession that challenges the norms and how we can continue to learn and apply our ideas to help us live better lives. As I look out my studio window into our rain garden, the columbine and golden alexander are in full bloom reminding me to be thankful for God’s creation and that there is hope in every bloom. 

As I look forward, during this unusual time in history, I continue to be driven by this hope. Every day we share this hope with our clients, collaborators and SWT Design team as we continue to create places of beauty that are healing, artful, performative, inspiring and loved. I know both Jim Wolterman and I are so thankful for each and every opportunity we have had and the relationships that continue to grow. Thank you all for these amazing 25 years of memories. I know I speak for my partners, Jay Wohlschlaeger and Bonnie Roy, that we look forward to the continued discoveries and shaping of our environment while making more friends along the way. Until we can all reconnect in our cities and parks, I hope you can find beautiful views to admire from inside and safe ways to venture out. 

While a virtual Happy Hour is how we kicked off the celebration, I would much rather give you all big hugs and high fives. Thank you all for being a part of SWT Design and let us continue to have more fun and delight in what we can accomplish together. 

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