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We prefer to think outside the bounds of labels, but professional certification is something to be celebrated. Recently, two of our team members earned their AICP certification, continuing to expand our breadth of services, collaborative idea-sharing, and planning portfolio.


Scott Runde, PLA, AICP
Master of Landscape Architecture, Kansas State University
B.S. Plant Sciences (Landscape Horticulture), University of Missouri in Columbia

Scott brings more than 6 years of experience to SWT Design, and his versatility as both a planner and designer lends to a successful project portfolio within the urban environment. Recently, he has collaborated on projects such as a Downtown Master Plan for the City of Edgerton, KS, the Central Fields Renovation in Forest Park, and the Chapman Plaza and Gardens at Shaw Park in Clayton, MO. As an accomplished project manager, Scott’s expertise is widely versatile in both project type and scale, and earning his planning certification underscores this versatility.

“Planning and urban design is a passion of mine that I have been fortunate enough to have great involvement in throughout my career. I am fascinated by the planning process and the immense collaboration between consultants, clients, governing agencies, and community stakeholders that takes place to create successful plans. It is very rewarding to be able to work closely with community members to develop a vision and then communicate that vision into an actionable plan that can be implemented. I am tremendously excited to advance my planning and urban design capabilities to better help communities achieve their goals.”


Wes Haid, AICP
Master of Landscape Architecture, Kansas State University
B.S. Regional and Community Planning, Missouri State University

Having a strong background in regional and community planning, Wes has always brought a passion for large-scale planning projects and new urbanism to our practice. He sees the immense potential that planners have to bring a community’s vision together with projected trends and principles for smart growth. Wes has compiled a strong portfolio of projects during his time with SWT Design, including the 39 North AgTech Innovation District, Old North St. Louis Sustainable Master Plan, and the Deer Creek Greenway. Using his understanding of design at multiple scales, he has helped to shape the development and implementation of large planning projects that encourage connectivity and enrich the lives of local community members.

“What drew me to planning was the prospect of being able to have a positive influence on our communities. As planners we’re presented with an incredible opportunity to blend a community’s vision with projected trends and smart growth principles to develop a plan that benefits us and future generations. It’s this collaborative process of taking the expressed needs and desires of a community and molding them into plan that really excites me.”




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