SWT Design delivers holistic and implementable designs that employ materials in innovative ways, meeting our clients’ needs with a high standard of environmental sustainability.  Our design team works comfortably at a large and dynamic conceptual scale while carrying projects through to a refined and constructible level.  We strive to provide our services while developing exceptionally strong and rewarding interpersonal relationships.

In The Media

Carrie Coyne, SWT Design Senior Associate and Grow Native! Chair, was recently featured in an educational video released by the Missouri Prairie Foundation, titled “Why Prairie Matters.” As landscape architects, in close collaboration with other professionals, we play an increased role in prairie conservation, restoration, and outreach in order to protect and create more wildlife [...]

SWT Design Blog: Outside In

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.”                                     – Dr. Pavan Sukhdev, Head of UN Environment Program’s Green Economy Initiative In every project, we consider the sustainability of a site and the impact it will have upon biodiversity. Recently, our participation in the Green Business Challenge encouraged us to think through the [...]

Featured Project

Ranken Jordan_Pediatric Specialty Hospital

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SWT Design’s primary focus for the new Ranken Jordan Pediatric Specialty Hospital was to help children recover from their debilitating injuries and illnesses by allowing them to experience the great outdoors. At Ranken Jordan, patients are taken beyond the facility’s protective walls where they can experience the open air while exploring the spacious grounds.